The Rocket Whale

Album: The Persuader (2013)

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Song: The Persuader

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The Rocket Whale is a band contrived of 5 individuals by the names of Tor, Kang, Numan, Ball and Off. The quintet formed The Rocket Whale that would challenge the best of them in music craftsmanship. Numan, the only non-Thai member, was the last to join after previous guitarist Ned had to return back to suburban Thailand.

The band consists of a seasoned group of creative musicians from Bangkok aiming to craft an effects-driven sound. The goal is put their best foot forward in quality song writing and a strict attention to detail. The sound pays homage to early 2000's Post-Hardcore genre while bringing in new life with Alternative and Pop/Metal sensibilities.

The Rocket Whale has performed consistently in the local Thai and foreign live scene, gaining a steady fan base. The band's top live credentials,
in fact, was having the vocalist of Grammy heavyweight band Sweet Mullet, perform and feature with the band in 2015's Hell Yeah Festival. Currently, three official singles have been released on YouTube and iTunes, 'The Persuader', 'Avalon', and the newest music video release, 'Alaskan Trap'.

All of The Rocket Whale songs have been recorded and produced by acclaimed Danai Thongssinthusak who has produced many of the major label bands in Thailand. The band sets to release their full EP by mid 2017.